Although Brian Wilson has not pitched an inning of Major League Baseball since last season, he is someone the Chicago Cubs should look to pursuing in a reliever or even closer role. Wilson who in 2014 pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers, still seems to be able to lead whichever team he is on. As a relief pitcher he was a crucial part of the 2010 San Francisco Giants team which won the World Series that year. Although he had 3 losses that year, in 2010 he had three wins and 48 saves in 70 games with an ERA of 1.81.
Since 2010 however Wilson has not had the same stats. This is due in part to not being given the same opportunities with both the Giants and the Dodgers in subsequent seasons. Between 2011 and 2014 he has appeared in 138 games. An average of 34 games a season. Another reason is the fact that he underwent Tommy John Surgery after the 2012 season which kept him from pitching for the 2013 season and half of the 2014 season.
Now for those reading, you may be thinking: What does all this have to do with the Cubs? Simple. Look at the Cubs bullpen in 2014 and the first weeks of the current season. Compared to the rest of the MLB teams, in 2014 the Cubs were in the middle of the standings with a 3.61 ERA. And so far here as of April 24th we see them 13th in the standings with a 3.31 ERA. Now, Ive watched Wilson pitch a few times during both San Francisco and Dodgers games, and he has some good pitching skills. He is able to get strikeouts when it matters most and almost rarely gets his team into more trouble. Wilson would make an even more impressive improvement to the Cubs’ bullpen in 2015. Sure, a step in the right direction in 2014 was getting rid of Carlos Marmol, but even without him in 2015, the Cubs still need to improve their bullpen.
In recent games such as the last two against the Pittsburgh Pirates they have given up leads going into the late innings only to end up losing by two or less runs. Now, that doesn’t seem too awful, but those losses could have been wins with Brian Wilson on the team, and I’m sure the fans would agree as well. And although some fans would disagree with this due to the Tommy John surgery, there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to Brian Wilson.
Sure, he may be 33 years old, and he may not be the same player he was before but keep in mind two very important things. If given a chance, he could return to his previous form, and given his age, he could still be better than most of the relievers currently active in baseball, especially some in the Cubs organization.

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