While we anxiously await the NFL season, we crawl very slowly to the realization – “Oh, we have to watch the Bears again. And it ain’t gonna be pretty.” After seeing the trash Marc Trestman presented the past two dreadful years, anything can be better than Jay Cutler forced interceptions and a disgustingly horrific defense. Or can it be? Here are the  most significant things you need to watch this training camp. Every couple of day I’ll post a new point of emphasis. Enjoy!

#1 Vic Fangio’s New Defense

We all watched Bear’s football the past 2 years. We watched great defensive players get old. Making those great players quite mediocre. Then we watched those mediocre players get hurt. Then we watched a head coach who didn’t give a rats (ahem, bottom) about the defensive side of the football do darn near nothing about it. They wouldn’t even freaking blitz! That’s all going to change in this 3-4 scheme presented by former San Francisco 49r’s d-coordinator Vic Fangio. Sure, the personnel they have at the moment more resembles a traditional 4-3 Bears front, but I believe Fangio can take the players he has and successfully run his scheme through them. What I would really watch for his who he chooses to play OLB, the blitzers on each side of the defensive ends. Will Jared Allen get the second spot? If not him, injury-ladened Lamarr Houston? It should be a lot of fun seeing who Fangio plugs into each position. Will Kyle Fuller play nicklelback or CB1? Who plays Mike LB? Who will plug the middle? Will Sutton? Montgomery? Will Brock Vereen step up and play free safety?

Who knows? Maybe we’ll even see a little bit of Shae McClellin.



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