With the September call ups right around the corner there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered.  Will Baez have an immediate impact?  Will Baez start at second?  Where does this leave Starlin Castro?

Starlin Castro lost his starting spot earlier this month due to his poor performance over the course of a couple months.  The other reason being the Cubs needed to find a spot for Kyle Schwarber, since he was hitting so well and Miguel Montero was coming off the DL.  With Chris Coghlan having his best season since he won the Rookie of the Year in 2009 with the Marlins, they also wanted to be able to keep him in the lineup.  With Coghlan’s versatility, the Cubs were able to move the left fielder back to second base which he played a lot of before coming to the pros.   This leaves Starlin Castro struggling to find playing time.   Currently the only time that you will usually see Castro in the starting lineup is when the Cubs are facing a left handed pitcher.   Now that September is upon us, that means the Cubs will be calling up Triple A sensation Javier Baez.

Javier Baez had a very good start last year when being called up in early August.  In Baez first 3 games in the majors, the young shortstop hit a homerun in each game.  After a fiery start Baez would decline greatly striking out 95 times in only 213 at bats.  This year when he was asked about last year’s struggles at the plate Baez said that he swings so hard that it took him sometime to correct his swing.  When watching the young shortstop play last year he reminded me of a young Carlos Gomez who inevitability loses his helmet at least once every plate appearance.

This year Baez has been doing fantastic, with his only setback being a broken finger that he suffered in early June from sliding into second base.   In Baez first game back from the disabled list he hit two homeruns.   He is currently hitting .315 with an OBP of .378 and 13 homeruns in 69 games.  The young shortstop still strikes out a lot but he is also taking his walks.  Baez is not only good with his bat but also with his glove.  In his short time in the majors last year Cubs fans thought they were watching the future shortstop of their franchise.  Not only does Baez have a cannon for an arm, but he is also quick on his feet and has the ability to make “web gem” plays.

Baez is expected to be called up as early as Tuesday. That brings up the question, what role will he play?  With Starlin Castro only getting spot starts, mostly against left handed pitchers.  It makes me wonder if Baez may take those starts away from him.  Baez is by far a better fielder, there is no arguing that.  When it comes to the bat, although he strikes out a lot, he also swings for power.  Baez in his short time in the majors last year was able to hit 9 dingers.  Starlin Castro on the other hand has played in almost twice as many games this year and he has only hit 6.  So I ask again, where does this leave Castro?  Most likely….. the bench.



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