We still don’t know anything about the Patrick Kane investigation, but his agent, Pat Brisson, has spoken out about it. According to Brisson, Kane is innocent. He told Sportsnet that Kane talks to him on a daily basis and has, “always been honest with me.” Well, that is a good sign, right?

Brisson went on to say, “I do believe what he tells me at the same time and I believe he’s innocent in this whole thing.” That is a display of confidence that seems reassuring, especially since he is so close with Kane. Brisson continued to explain how hard it has been seeing people make assumptions over the case when they know nothing about it. Duh! We are all sitting in the dark, but all anyone seems to do is jump to conclusions and it has become hard to tell the truth from a lie.

He also said, “The hardest part is to see people jumping to conclusions that he’s done this, he’s done that.” Yes, brisson, yes. We love everything that Brisson has said about Kane and all the assumptions being thrown about like confetti at a birthday party.  So, thank you, Pat Brisson, for a little bit of light and hope into this entire ordeal.

And, to end the interview, Brisson said, “It’s been difficult to say the least. Basically when you spend more time in your house than outside and you can’t really go to the rink like you have your normal life. It’s been difficult. It’s been hard. At the same time, I know he’s looking forward to this being over with.

Several media outlets in Buffalo have reported that a woman accused Kane of assaulting her at his home last month, but the Hamburg Police Department will only confirm that they are investigating an alleged incident at Kane’s home—and, rightly so. All we know is they are investigating an alleged incident, so let’s leave it at that until a charge has been filed or dismissed.

Brisson is unsure whether Kane will attend the Blackhawks training camp, but said, “We are going to decide as we get closer here. We’re going to take it a step at a time. It’s too premature to tell.” While we remain unsure if Kane will attend training camp and unsure of what is to come of this investigation, we can still look forward to seeing the prospects on ice in the upcoming weeks.

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