With kick off for the regular season less than a month away fans are scouring rosters and rifling through previous season stats to draft the crème de la crème of fantasy teams. NHL.com released their top 250 fantasy rankings and there were several Blackhawks scattered throughout the ranks.

The highest ranking Hawk was Patrick Kane coming in at number 10 overall. In the regular season he was ranked 27th for goals in the league with 27, and in my league goals are 3 points, so that is a pretty nice little chunk of points to add to your team’s weekly performance. Though you should probably wait to see how his pending off ice situation plays out before drafting him.

Next highest ranked Blackhawk was oh captain, my captain, Jonathan Toews with a 22nd overall ranking. He ended the regular season 8th in the league for game winning goals and 5th for plus-minus he is a valuable player to have on your fantasy bench who is guaranteed to reap in weekly points.

Ranked 47th on the list was Marian Hossa. He is a reliable veteran forward and would definitely be a great draft to add to the team. With his skill and experience on the ice he is sure add some points to your team at the end of the week.

Corey Crawford came in ranked 60th on the list. He ended the season ranked 6th in the league for save percentage, 12th for wins and with 1,535 saves he came in at 14th. Also coming off of a Stanley Cup win, these numbers should only continue to improve giving a nice depth and consistency to your goaltending bench.

The last Blackhawk to crack the top 100 of the list is veteran defensemen Duncan Keith. He is a playmaker that racks up a lot of ice time giving him more chances and opportunities to make his presence known when he is on the ice.

Ranked at 180th overall is newcomer Marko Dano, who was acquired in the Saad trade to Columbus. Although he may not be a first or second round draft pick, keep an eye out for this right winger. With 21 points in his 35 games played last season, which averages out to .60 points per game, and his expected play on the Toews and Hossa line we can only anticipate his performance to improve.

Seabrook came in ranked 192nd overall. Although he is one of my personal favorite Blackhawks, I would hold off on drafting him in the first few rounds. He is a consistent player but there are definitely other options to choose from in the first few draft rounds that will better suit your fantasy team needs. I would keep Seabs on your radar as a late but safe pick that will consistently perform well and contribute to your team.

The 210th ranking was given to Teuvo Teravinen. He was called up to play 34 games during regular season and was a contributing factor during playoffs. He is young and has a lot of room to grow but his numbers are only projected to improve. He will be a good late pick to add to the depth and quick hands to the bench and would be an asset to any fantasy team.

The last Blackhawk to make the NHL top 250 list is Artem Anisimov who came from Columbus along with Dano. He is an experienced center and expected to join the second line which will create a lot of opportunities for him to make an impact and send some fantasy points your way. Keep in mind that he did miss 23 games due to a a torn tricep, you may want to keep an eye on the Blackhawks website to see how he is fairing in training camp.

Lastly there are a handful of former Blackhawks that made the list to keep an eye out for and grab if you have an opportunity including Dustin Byfuglien (ranked 35th), Andrew Ladd (ranked 53rd), Patrick Sharp (ranked 61st), Brandon Saad (ranked 78th), Antti Niemi (132nd), Nick Leddy (156th), Brad Richards (ranked 231st) and Antti Raanta (ranked 246th). Although there are plenty of valuable Hawks and former Hawks to choose from, these were several highlighted by the NHL as likely to provide a fantasy team with the most return on investment, and to anyone that is in my fantasy league, Byfuglien is mine!

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