The prosecutor in the Kane case held a press conference to discuss the mishandling of the rape kit results evidence bag. Yesterday around 1pm the victim’s mother returned home from work to find the evidence bag torn open and stuck between the storm door and front door of their residence. The authenticity of the evidence bag had been confirmed, it in fact is the actual evidence bag of the rape kit results. It is not known exactly how the bag ended up there or long the bag had been there but what is known is that this bag should not have been there at all. The standard protocol for the handling and storing of rape kit evidence bags calls for it to be in possession of the authorities at all times. Why and how the evidence bag was mishandled and ended up in a compromising location is unknown.

The fact that the bag was in an unauthorized location calls into questions those that are responsible for handling it. The prosecutor called for an investigation by a separate law enforcement agency to determine the sting of events leading up to the misplacement of the evidence. The fact that the bag was tampered with may also affect the admissibility of the evidence all-together. There is no definite answer as to how this will affect the case but this information will influence the future direction of this investigation.

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