I honestly don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the Kane investigation except everyone should never have jumped to conclusions. I understand you read something from a newspaper or some reporter said something, but can you believe those people? Not always. At the end of the day the truth always comes out and that is exactly what is going on right before our eyes. The sad part, though, is that Kane’s image has been tarnished along the way. But, with the DA’s press conference today, even more has been made clear. Let’s look at what has happened and then an indepth look at the facts as presented by the District Attorney.

Supposed Evidence Bag on Doorstep of Victim’s Mother

These bizarre events began Wednesday when the victim’s attorney, Thomas Eoannou, held a press conference where he brought to light that an “evidence bag” was left at the victim’s mother’s doorstep. He said it was authentic and had all of her information on it. From this, Eoannou said he would be seeking outside investigation of this matter of tampering.

Accuser’s Attorney Withdraws from Case

Not even a day later, Thomas Eoannou withdraws from the case stating, “In keeping with my ethical obligations as an officer of the court, I can no longer represent my client.” He said his decision was based on potential fabrications in a story told to him by the woman’s mother of how the evidence b ag containing the rape kit in the investigation was found at the woman’s family’s home. You will learn more about the actual facts with the DA’s press conference below. Also note that some sources have told the Tribune that the female friend no longer backs the accuser’s version of events and no longer wishes to testify—we will see if that is indeed true at some point I’m sure.

Erie County District Attorney Holds Press Conference

The D.A. finally spoke out about the case today. Let’s first take a look at the claims of the case listed by District Attorney, Frank Sedita:

  • Displaying a clear plastic bag containing a brown paper bag, Eoannu stated, “We know this to be the evidence bag that once contained the rape kit in evidence…it is authentic…it is the rape kit evidence bag.”

The facts of the brown paper bag matter are this:

  • Evidence is placed/submitted in cans, bags, or boxes.
  • A rape kit is a box (Sedita showed a rape kit box, which is clearly not a bag, but is a sealed box labeled with everything found inside).
  • Rape kits are NOT placed in a bag in Erie County.
  • Rape kits are NOT submitted in a bag either.
  • Rape kit was opened by the nurse (SANE) at 9:30 am.
  • It was then sealed by the SANE at 11:39 am and turned over to the Hamburg P.D.
  • Rape kit in question is this case was NOT placed in any kind of bag.
  • The rape kit was delivered to CPS Lab by Hamburg PD at 12:06 pm.

How does Sedita know this to be true? Video and the rape kit itself. The video demonstrated everything listed and shows no tampering. This is actual proof of the fabrication and “fake bag.” I could have told you this all along because why in the world would a brown paper bag be used for something so important as a rape kit? Exactly.

Let’s continue to look at the facts of this case:

  • Rape kit never in any bag
  • Rape kit properly sealed and promptly submitted to CPS Lab.
  • Never has the rape kit left CPS Lab custody—it has been there the whole time.
  • Two bags displayed at press conference.
  • Clear plastic bag marked “Evidence.”
  • Brown paper bag inside the clear plastic bag with affixed sticker (Sedita shows picture of the bags).
  • Clear plastic bag did NOT come from Hamburg PD. It was manufactured in 2000 and can be purchased from anyone. Eannou confirmed it came from his office.
  • Also taken a sworn statement from the nurse.
  • Brown paper bag
    • Complainant went to mother’s home and changed “top” before going to ECMC.
    • Civilian accompanied complainant to ECMC while she underwent the testing.
    • SANE provided bag to civilian.
    • Civilian asked to place complainant’s “top” in bag.
    • Civilian left with bag.
    • The civilian was the last person known to have the possession of the brown paper bag when leaving that morning.
    • The civilian is the complainant’s mother.

Sedita goes on to list the factual conclusions of this information:

  • Neither bag contained the rape kit.
  • Forensic evidence was not tampered with or compromised.
  • Last person seen with brown paper bag was the SAME person who purportedly “discovered” the brown paper bag—the accuser’s mother.

When asked if the mother will be charged, Sedita said he is unsure as there is no law that would allow them to charge her based on that, but they will be looking into the matter.

Erie County District Attorney, Frank Sedita, says media coverage definitely “doesn’t help” his work on the case. He went on to say, “I think although Mr. Eoannou was being reckless, I think he was being sincere.” Sedita has not spoken to the accuser because she had retained two lawyers in the case and he can only talk with lawyers present.

He continues to remain silent about the case, but with comments made two days ago about allegations made regarding the criminal justice system in Erie County and possession of evidence.

At the end of the day, the DA is frustrated by the lack of professionalism around him and how the media continues to play into all of this.

Honestly, just stop. Please, stop. Let the District Attorney and his team do their job and conclude this case once and for all. The truth always comes out as you can see, so let him do his job.

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