Every team in the NHL seems to have a star player, but none are as level headed, knowledgeable and talented as Jonathan Toews. The Chicago Blackhawks stand out from the rest because we have Toews who is often known as “Captain Clutch” or “Captain Serious.” Jonathan Toews has a special recipe for his success and the Blackhawks love it. Let’s take a look at his recipe for success:


1. Confidence

Jonathan Toews plays with more confidence than anyone in the league. Playing alongside his Chicago Blackhawks teammates, Toews seems to have an unwavering belief that he can always find a way to win. Oh no, down 3-0 in the third? No problem— Toews has it under control. And, obviously, that is how he got the name of, “Captain Clutch.” And that is because Jonathan Toews is always there when the Blackhawks need him the most.

2. Non-Stop Movement

Toews is always moving on the ice—he doesn’t stand in one place for too long. He is constantly moving and working so that he can get prime opportunities to score. In his first season with the Blackhawks in 2007-08 he averaged 18:40 minutes per game, and last season Toews averaged 19:34 minutes per game. After all, they don’t call him Captain Clutch for nothing—his movement and understanding of what is happening on the ice allows him to take advantage of every situation. It almost reminds me of Looney Tunes’ Elmer Fudd because Toews seems to leave opposing players thinking, “Which way did he go? Which way did he go?”

3. Puck Prediction

I don’t know how he does it, but he does. Toews has an unbelievable ability to know exactly where the puck is going before it even happens. Hey, he might even know where the puck is going before his teammate knows where they are passing it to. At the end of the day, Toews always seems to find himself in the right place at the right time, especially in big moments—insert Captain Clutch. Overall, for his career Toews has had a total of 223 goals, 283 assists and 506 points in 565 games! Check out this video of Kane vs. Toews with GoPro on the ice:

4. Mental Toughness

While many hockey teams in the NHL play a physical game, the Chicago Blackhawks seem to play off of a mentally charged game. They get into other teams’ heads because you have to constantly track the movements of Toews when he is on the ice—let’s be real though, goalies have to watch out for all Blackhawks players. Opposing teams become paranoid that Kane is going to float back door and Toews is going to know he is there without even looking up—that no-look pass is always beautiful.

The Chicago Blackhawks have won three of the last six Stanley Cups, and a lot of that has to do with Jonathan Toews. With his intelligence, mental toughness and incredible skill level, Toews is a recipe for success for the Blackhawks and a recipe for disaster in the eyes of the opponent.


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