The Chicago Bears played the Denver Broncos at home today and despite playing a backup quarterback for Denver, the Bears could not muster anything on offense and fell 17-15 to the Denver Broncos at Soldier Field.  John Fox & Adam Gase have to look at themselves in the mirror for not coming up a better gameplan against a team both have coached for the last few years.  The Bears seemed to move the ball with relative ease but up until fourth quarter, they had settled for 3 Robbie Gould field goals.   Then in the fourth quarter and the Bears down 17-9, John Fox chose to go for it on fourth down inside the Denver 5 yard-line and the Bears failed to convert.   Chicago’s defense then held Denver, got the ball back and the Bears promptly drove the length of the football field with 1:49 left, capped off by a Jeremy Langford 2-yard touchdown run with 24 seconds to go.  Chicago then failed on the two point conversion and that was basically the ballgame.

Bad Jay Cutler showed up today and that spelled doom for the Bears.   Cutler was a mere 18 of 32 for 265 yards with 0 touchdowns, 1 interception and 1 lost fumble.   Cutler seemingly looked lost without Alshon Jeffrey, who missed his 5th game of the year with a groin injury.  Cutler missed a wide open Marc Mariani on the aforementioned fourth down play, who didn’t have a Denver player within 15 yards of him.   Adam Gase I think called a run up the middle after every first down and it cost the Bears.   The Bears only 86 yards rushing and 29 of them were by Jay Cutler.  Gase’s play calling was horrific once again with the Bears scoring that Langford touchdown with 24 seconds to go, they went for two.   Gase decided to run Langford up the middle and the Bears didn’t block anyone on the backside of the play.  Denver nailed Langford in the backfield and that was the game as the Bears failed to convert the onside kick.

The Bears defense besides the miserable first possession played fairly well and certainly well enough to win.    The defense recorded 5 sacks and although they gave up 170 yards rushing, they kept the score low.   It did not play well enough however as Brock Osweiler  threw only 7 incompletions.  Osweiler was 20 for 27 for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The Bears couldn’t seem to pick up on their gameplan which was to dump the ball to their tight ends.  Denver tight ends Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels and Virgil Green combined for 11 catches for 145 yards.

The Bears fall 4-6 and this loss seemingly crushed their playoff chances even the no one in the NFC is playing real good football besides the Carolina Panthers.  The Broncos improve to 8-2 and 5-1 on the road.    The Bears play in Lambeau Field versus the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving.    As a fan you can only hope Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffrey are able to suit up for that game to give the Bears a fighting chance.


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