On most nights you can pencil in Jimmy Butler for 20+ points a game and often find him guarding the oppositions best player. This is just a regular routine for the 26-year-old ascending superstar for the Bulls.

In 2011 when the Bulls selected him with 30th pick in the first round, they could not have imagined that they were adding a star. Butler was not supposed to be in this position , he was supposed to be a complimentary piece for the team’s franchise player Derrick Rose. Over his first two years his scoring average was under 10 ppg a game and his minutes often fluctuated because of his role on the team. In the 13-14 season his scoring increased almost 5 points to 13.1 ppg a game and his minutes shot up to 38.7 per game on the season. Last season arrived and with the team in need of a consistent scorer, Butler raised his game to another level by increasing his numbers again to 20+ ppg a game mark.

Butler’s ascension into stardom last year was capped off with him receiving the Most Improved player of the year award which he truly earned. Coming into the offseason, there was pressure on the Bulls to get a deal done with their new franchise player. When it was all said and done Butler ended up signing a new 5 year deal worth $90 million dollars  to become the new face of the franchise. The 15-16 season has done nothing but further elevate his game, as Butler has increased his scoring once again and has firmly established himself as a true superstar talent in the league on offense and defense.

Mr. Butler is currently 4th among guards in the eastern conference with 356,561 votes. With the way that he has performed these past two seasons and the impact that he makes, there is no doubt that Jimmy Butler should be awarded a starting spot on the eastern conference team.


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