With the recent season ending injury to Joakim Noah and the injury to Nikola Mirotic that will keep him out until the all-star break, the bulls will need someone from their front court to step up and fill the void. The logical move will be for Taj Gibson to assume the role as the starting power forward, but the team does need someone to fill the role as first big off of the bench. Bobby Portis the 20-year-old rookie from Arkansas who was selected in the first round with the 22nd selection is the man who has to elevate his game. The 6-11 power forward has shown glimpses so far this season, but the team is going to need for him to be more consistent  if they want to hold on to their 3rd seed in the standings.

Coming out of college, Portis was labeled as a modern big who could not only score with his back to the basket but also has range extending all the way out to 3 point range. Portis will need to take advantage of his scoring prowess so that he can bring some much-needed punch to the bulls second unit. Some have compared  his intensity and approach to the game to that of a young Kevin Garnett. In order for the bulls to keep their position in the eastern conference, they are going to need a big second half from their rookie big man.


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