The Bulls faced a very difficult decision leading up to the NBA’s trade deadline. Their second best player this year, a 35-year-old big man who is averaging 17 points and 11 rebounds per game was involved in many trade rumors. Even with potential deals rumored all the way until the 3pm deadline, the Bulls decided to stand pat and keep their playoff hopes alive. There were legit reasons for the Bulls to at least think about moving their All-star big man. He has the ability to hit the free agent market after this season and with the way that he has been playing, his price tag has gone up significantly. The thought of losing a player of his caliber for nothing in the offseason had to at least enter the minds of the teams management. With keeping him, the upper brass must seem to believe that their team can still make a run in the playoffs and that come the offseason they will be able to sway the big man to resign with Chicago. 

With the decision to keep Gasol, the team positions themselves right in the thick of things in the eastern conference playoff race. Currently sitting at 29-26 and in 8th place, the Bulls are keeping afloat even with Jimmy Butler sitting out with a knee injury and Nikola Mirotic on the path back from surgery. If Gasol can keep up his level of play and if Derrick Rose can resemble his former self even a little, Chicago has a chance to make some noise in the eastern conference playoffs when their key guys come back from injury.


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