Last night’s game against the L.A. Kings was anything but fun to watch. If you were like me, you watched last night’s game with one eye closed—it hurt to see. There were a lot of unhappy humans walking out of the United Center last night and some clutching those replica United Center figurines.

While this loss hurts, it has happened before. Last year, in March of 2015, the Blackhawks lost three of four games—that included back-to-back losses to the Flyers and Blue Jackets. It also happened in March of 2014, when the Blackhawks lost four of five games, including two shutouts. And, wait, it even happened in March 2013! At this time, the Blackhawks lost three of four after their record 21-0-3 start.

So, it looks like history has a way of repeating itself—the Blackhawks just lost their third straight game Monday night against the Kings. In the last five games, the Hawks lost their fourth game. And, if history really does have a way of repeating itself, in 2013 the Blackhawks lost four of five games only to go on to win the Stanley Cup that year.

The Losses

All three losses have come against Western Conference contenders and all three have come after the Hawks loaded up at the trade deadline. So, the Blackhawks are as healthy as they’ve been all season, but they continue to lose. What is up with that? There is no excuse or their losses lately. However, Jonathan Toews doesn’t seem to worried about these losses. He states that while it has been a tough couple of games, the Blackhawks have seen that before. At least they aren’t overreacting or second-guessing themselves—they need to remain strong and level-headed.

Last night’s game was a poor showing all around. Corey Crawford gave up two goals in just 18 seconds early in the first period while the defense was just plain sloppy. And, the offense appeared to be stumped the whole game. Coach Q even put Kane on the top line with Toews in hopes of finding open ice, but to no avail.

While we’ve frequently seen these slumps in March, something needs to change. Let’s hope history repeats itself and the Blackhawks make a comeback and start winning! The Playoffs are right around the corner!

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