Without several key players in the lineup last night, the Blackhawks were able to put up six goals in their win over the Arizona Coyotes. In the last three games the Blackhawks have 17 goals and 6 goals out of the last power plays. This is also the 6th time since 2009 that the Hawks have reached 100 or more points in a season—it’s exactly where we want to see them. Going into the playoffs on a strong note is a positive. Here is what we took away from last night’s win against the Coyotes:

You Get a Goal! And You Get a Goal!

Everyone gets a goal! In last night’s dominating 6-2 win against the Coyotes it seemed like the Blackhawks were taking goals left and right, which is just what we want to see after a not so stellar March. The goals last night included:

  1. Richard Panik (6) with assists by Toews and Hjalmarsson
  2. Jonathan Toews (27) with a shorthanded goal
  3. Patrick Kane (44) with a power play goal and assists by Panarin and Seabrook
  4. Andrew Ladd (24) with a PPG and assists by TVR and Toews
  5. Andrew Ladd (25) with another PPG and assists by Kane and Panarin
  6. Andrew Desjardins (8) with assists by Kruger and Rozsival

Even shorthanded, the Blackhawks remained strong and dominated the game. And the stars of the night were Jonathan Toews, Artemi Panarin and Patrick Kane.

A Toews Milestone and Kruger’s Penalty Kill

With last night’s game, Toews earned his 250th goal. When asked about his 250th goal, Toews said, “Halfway to Hoss, I guess. Lot of work to do there.” The Captain is always so humble. Toews also had assists on goals by Panik and Ladd, giving him 3 points for the night, but would you expect anything less from the Captain? I think not.

Additionally, since Marcus Kruger has rejoined the team, the Blackhawks have been 17-for-17 on the penalty kill. Oh how we’ve missed you, Kruger. Hopefully Kruger remains healthy because the Blackhawks will definitely need his penalty kill skills going into the playoffs.

Power Play Success

Recently we have seen a surge in success for the Blackhawks power play, which is something the team has been lacking for just about the whole season. When asked about the power play, Toews stated, “I think collectively as a team it starts with our defensive play and we’re really starting to come together in the right fashion.” And at the right time! The Blackhawks are going into the remaining two games in true fashion by scoring goals, dominating the power play and just being an all around great team—let’s hope they keep with this into the playoffs like we know they can.

Kane is the Front Runner for the Hart Trophy

And rightly so. In 2012-13, Kane finished sixth in the Hart Trophy voting and seventh in 2009-10. Kane is the only NHL player in the past two seasons to score more than 100 points. He has hit career highs in goals, points, and points-per-game this season—he’s about to become the first American-born player to win the league scoring title.

Having played in every game to date, Kane’s best month was November when he put up 23 points in 13 games. And, while we might have been worried about Kane’s lack of points in March when he had just nine points in 13 games, he has had 8 points in three games so far in April. If this isn’t proof that he will be ready to bring his A-game to the playoffs next week, I don’t know what is. Kane is on track to becoming the first member of the Blackhawks to win the Hart Trophy since the team won four times back in the 1960s.

Bickell is Recalled from Rockford

In other news, the Blackhawks have recalled Bickell from Rockford. So far, Bickell has had 31 points (15G, 16A) in 44 games while playing for the Rockford Icehogs. With Bickell back in the lineup, will he play in the way we are used to and want to see? For the sake of the Stanley Cup, let’s hope so.

Get Ready for the Playoffs

The Western Conference is set for the playoffs with:

  • Central Division: Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks
  • Pacific Division: Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks
  • Wild Cards: Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild

We don’t know yet who the Blackhawks with play, but it is most likely Dallas or St. Louis. Which team do you think is the lesser of the evils? What matchup would you like to see the most?

The Chicago Blackhawks play again on Thursday, April 7th against the St. Louis Blues. Let’s go Hawks!

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