The Bears looked strong in the first half against a surprisingly tough Eagles team Monday night. The second half was a much different story. To say it was a mess would be an understatement. Injuries, mistakes, and turnovers plagued Chicago as Philadelphia steadily pulled ahead.

The Bears scored the first touchdown, then went back and forth in an intense defensive battle in the first half. The offense had trouble gaining traction, but fortunately Philadelphia had the same issue. However, just before the break, we had a glimpse of what would come in the second half. Carson Wentz led his team on an 8-play, 38-yard drive that ended in a 53-yard field goal. At halftime, the score was just 9-7 Eagles.

It just went downhill from there. Chicago’s first possession of the second half ended with a strip-sack and Cutler losing the ball. He would later throw an interception and get pulled from the game due to a thumb injury. Langford’s fumble at the start of the 4th all but clinched the win for the Eagles.

Both teams’ total stats were very similar. The Bears actually gained 4 more total yards from scrimmage (284 to Philadelphia’s 280). Chicago fared well in yards-per-play with 5.7, while the Eagles had 4.1. In fact, just about any team stat you look at is comparable, with the exception of two vital numbers. The Bears committed 3 turnovers without forcing any, and the Eagles were 3-3 on 4th down.

Despite the crushing loss, there were a few bright spots for Chicago. Jay Cutler played well except for one bad decision. Brian Hoyer looked like he fit the hole Cutler left nicely. After a few days of repetitions with the offense, I am confident Hoyer can hold it down for the next 2-3 weeks until Cutler is back. Eddie Royal had a beautiful punt return for a touchdown (reminiscent of the Hester days). The linebackers were flying all over the field making plays, as well. The Bears showed that they could beat Philadelphia, they just shot themselves in the foot too many times.

Bears fans, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t panic yet! It’s only been 2 weeks. By now we should all be used to a couple of bad games every season. Dallas is the opponent next week, which looks like it could be bad for Chicago. However, I’m genuinely excited they’re playing a solid team. I know for a fact that the Bears have the potential to embarrass Dallas, and I am willing to bet that the threat of 0-3 is enough for Chicago to turn this around.

It’s been painful so far, I know. But come on guys, it’s our Bears! They won’t give in.

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