Well, here we are again. Another disappointing showing for the Chicago Bears. This time, however, there was not a glimmer of hope at half time. Going into the break, it was 3-24.  But we know how resilient our Bears are, right? There’s a good chance we would come out looking much better in the second half, right? Wrong. I wish I could say there were many positives that came out of this game, but in reality, there were very few. The Bears were embarrassed by the Cowboys, plain and simple.

The game started off with a nice drive by Dallas that ended in a touchdown. They made it clear that their offense was going to be tough for Chicago to stop. After 2 stalled drives and 17 unanswered points, the Bears finally scored a field goal. At this point, I believe Coach Fox could feel the game starting to get away from them. So, he dialed up a surprise onside-kick. It bounced off of a Cowboy and appeared to be recovered by the Bears. Although, the referees had different ideas. They made a questionable offside call on the kicking team. If it weren’t for that penalty, there’s a good chance that the momentum would have swung in the favor of Chicago. The score would probably have been much closer, and the Bears might have even won.

The second half looked better for Chicago, but it was probably due to Dallas letting off of the gas a little bit. Hoyer led 2 touchdown drives in the span of 2 quarters. It was not nearly enough, though. They looked better, yes, but honestly unimpressive still.

One bright spot was Brian Hoyer who was solid with 30-49, 2 TD’s, and no INT’s. TE Zach Miller also did well with 8 receptions for 78 yards and 2 TD’s. Besides that, the Bears’ stats were unremarkable all the way around. Another statistic that stuck out to me is the Cowboys’ 10.3 yards per pass. Yes, the Chicago secondary is young and riddled with injuries, but it’s hard to win when they are giving up that many big completions.

Last week I told you all not to panic yet. I’m sticking with that philosophy (albeit hesitantly this time), and I’ll tell you why. Obviously, injuries have made us weaker at many different positions, but those injured players will likely be returning this week or the following week. Also, I believe that 0-3 is a big leap from 0-2. There are a lot less 0-3 teams now than there were 0-2 teams last week. In other words, it looks much, much worse. If I were John Fox, I would be looking at making some major changes in practice this week. Who knows, that could mean some major improvements for the Chicago Bears.

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