Sunday evening brought frustration as a huge opportunity slipped by to gain a second win of the season against the Indianapolis Colts but Brian Hoyer again playing in the absence of Jay Cutler had an impressive performance. He threw for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns for the third straight week.

Hoyer managed to lead a comeback through smart efficient plays and without turning over the ball and without a combination of penalties, poor defensive play and a fumble by Cameron Meredith it should have been two straight victories for the Bears. Hoyers performance may have received a lot of positivity and he may be acting as a nice pallet cleanser to Jay Cutler but there is reason to be wary. An example of this is towards the game on Sunday, Hoyer missed a completely wide-open Alshon Jeffrey in the end zone. A play that could have won the Bears the game and it makes you wonder would Jay Cutler have missed such an open receiver?

Now I am not for one minute suggesting Cutler is the answer either and it seems the end is nigh for him at the Bears. He is in a category of quarterbacks alongside players such as Ryan Tannehill who undoubtedly have some talent but more often than not just leave everyone frustrated and pining for change. However, no matter how well Brian Hoyer does this season and I hope he does have a good run, this must not put the Bears off taking a Quarterback in the 2017 draft. The Bears are on course for a top 10 pick and I hope that the front office decide to make a positive change in the Quarterback position and drat the kind of player than can being fresh impetus and optimism to a disenchanted franchise. John Fox does not have a reputation of drafting and developing young quarterbacks. He prefers experienced efficiency at the position and that is why I fear that if Hoyer continues to produce solid performances the conservative approach may lead to a huge error in the long run. It is easy to forget but Hoyer is not a viable long term option and his play-off performance last season against the Chiefs should act as a reminder. He became the first Quarterback to throw four turnovers in the first half of a play-off game. He simply killed the Texans in one half and had a meltdown of vast proportions. Having said that the Bears are not likely to need a play-off Quarterback for a little while and I can see how if efficient approach is suited to John Fox but the Bears need a change in the off-season to bring a bit of optimism and change the momentum of this flagging franchise.

However, there is reason to be concerned that the Bears won’t draft or play a rookie Quarterback in 2017. Drafting a rookie Quarterback requires patience and commitment to allow them to develop but with John Fox going into his third season as Head Coach he may feel an efficient but not spectacular player like Hoyer might be the more viable option to demonstrate the Bears progress and also suit his style of play. Also the Chicago Bears have one of the younger rosters in the NFL and would they want to add to their growing pains by adding another rookie to the mix under centre. However, I feel a change at rookie is essential for the 2017 season.

Hoyer may be having a purple patch and putting up impressive stats in the last couple of weeks but the future of the franchise does not lie with Brian Hoyer or Jay Cutler but within the 2017 draft. The Bears must ensure that some positive performances by either Quarterback does not cloud their judgement and they make the most of their opportunity to reinvigorate a flagging franchise. Drafting a Quarterback will not solve the Bears problems but it can certainly help, ask the Philadelphia Eagles.


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