Remember that Monday Night where the Bears offence looked good on the triumphant return of Jay Cutler? There seemed to be hope and optimism everywhere you looked and there was even a murmuring that the Bears could make a late charge after the bye week for a wildcard place. It seemed absurd to me at the time that one win could bring such hope to a disenchanted franchise and it came crashing down at break-neck speed this Sunday.

On paper the matchup against the Buccaneers seemed a winnable game but the Bears never gave themselves an opportunity to compete. The Jay Cutler experience took a depressing turn with two interceptions including one being returned for a Touchdown. He also had two fumbles and gave up a Safety it was a performance that lead to despair from Bears fans and ridicule from everyone else. Even a Hail Mary touchdown throw to Meredith on the brink of half time couldn’t save him. Jay has a bad habit of throwing up a good performance to get everyone talking that this may be the turning point in his career. It wasn’t and that turning point is never coming. He is the guy you can’t rely on, he’s the guy who doesn’t lead and he’s the guy who needs to lead the mass exodus from Soldier Field in the off season.

I have wrote previously that the Bears must draft a new Quarterback but there is a case to drain the swamp of the whole organisation and start again. John Fox has a record of 8 wins in 25 which is simply not good enough and can he be trusted to develop a new Quarterback? I am far from convinced. The whole offence was a mess on Sunday but Jordan Howard was criminally underused before his apparent injury. The injury which Howard later denied. The conflicting post-game comments between coaches and Howard’s just demonstrates the whole Circus this franchise is slowly becoming.

If all of that was not bad enough, it sadly gets worse. Guard Kyle Long left the game on Sunday and looks set to be ruled out for the rest of the season, surely that must be the end of the bad news right? Wrong! Alshon Jeffrey has poured more misery on the team by receiving a four-game ban for violating the NFL policy on PED’s.

There is a severe lack of leadership across the franchise, I would be surprised if any other franchise wouldn’t have benched Cutler in the second half. However, the Quarterback position sums up all the issues within the franchise, there has been no rookie development at the position presumably because they haven’t been looking for an alternative to Cutler which is a failure. The Coach has failed. The record speaks for itself and the GM has also failed. The only way for the Bears is to rip it up and start again. Ensure the high draft pick goes to a Quarterback, replace Fox and Pace. Also as it looks increasingly likely Jeffrey will leave and Kevin White can’t catch a break for injuries, we need to start developing some receivers too.

The slight hint of optimism that drifted in after the Vikings game has been extinguished with such ferocity all that remains is to look longingly at the off-season and the hope things must change and things must get better for the Bears.

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