We have all heard the rumors that first started around October about the Manchester United Midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger, who is not getting much playing time only making one appearance since Jose Mourinho came in, Bastian hasn’t been so happy about the way Mourinho has been treating him. Bastian Schweinsteiger previously played in Bayern Munich before joining Manchester United, having been there for thirteen season’s playing in exactly 500 matches for Bayern and scoring 68 goals.With Bayern Munich he won eight bundesliga titles,seven DFB-Pokal titles, the UEFA champions league, UEFA super league title, and 2014 world cup. Bastian Schweinsteiger has retired from German national team on July 29 2016, playing 12 years starting in 2004-2016, he’s scored 24 goals in 121 caps. Bastian Schweinsteiger has been linked to Chicago Fire numerous times. But, it won’t be so easy for the fire to pull this trade-off,  because the Fire does not have the money to pay for Schweinsteiger’s current wages.Even though the Fire does have him on their Discovery rights and with the reported 16.5 million for three years Chicago Fire have offered Manchester United, Jose Mourinho said that the offer is still not good enough. The Fire are going to have a lot of work to do in order to bring Schweinsteiger into their 2017 roster. Now, will he be a good addition to the team? Well both yes and no. Now he’s a big name in futbol, this can make a huge profit for the Fire seeing more fans attend the game to see a player like Schweinsteiger play, especially see jersey sales go up. However, would he be a good addition on the field? Now in the locker room he will be a great leader, he would also be a great mentor to young Matt Polster, whose current “mentor” is former Chicago Fire player Logan Pause. On the field Schweinsteiger can either slow down the play or help out the play, Bastian is more like an Engine, but the Fire doesn’t play up to his play style. At the age of 32 he’s no longer the quickest player, he won’t have the stamina to run up and down the field as he used to before considering his age. Either way, the Fire will be getting a world-class player,  but for how much is the real question.Whether or not the Fire does pull this trade-off or not, they will still have to work hard during the off-season to prove themselves and keep them away from being last place in the league, unlike their 2015 and 2016 seasons.

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