The Chicago Bulls have acquired many new guards this season. But have they collected too many? The PG spot had so much depth and there aren’t enough minutes for everyone. Rajon Rondo was brought in during the off season to help the Bulls fill the void left by the Derrick Rose trade. So far this season he is averaging 7.2 points, 7.1 assist, and 6.5 rebounds a game. This isn’t too bad when you consider the type of player he is and his role on the team. He wasn’t brought in to score the ball. Rondo’s biggest skill is his ball vision and basketball IQ. He is very good at distributing the ball. The only problem is his distribution isn’t leading to wins. The Chicago Bulls are currently 16-18. They hold down the 10th spot in the Eastern conference. Rondo was recently benched, then moved out of the team’s rotation all together. So the Bulls now have to once again fill the void at the PG spot. However, they have two options. The Bulls can pick out of the multitude of guards already on the team, or try and trade and get a better one. But what is the right way to go?

       Currently the starting spot can go to 1 of 3 players. Michael Carter-Williams, Isaiah Canaan, or Jerian Grant. Canaan is only 6’0, which might hurt him defensively and would be a serious downgrade from the rebounding efforts of Rondo. Also averaging only 1.1 assist shows us he isn’t the best distributor out there. By starting him they lose so much. Rondo is even averaging more points than him. He plays best when he is just asked to go out there and score. Asking him to do much else might not be the best idea.

Jerian Grant is a very young player. He has had moments where his scoring off of the bench has been very good for the team. But he isn’t very consistent. His lack of a decent 3pt shot also provides less spacing on the floor.


Carter-Williams is the best option they have. He can provide not only scoring and distribution, but rebounding and defense as well. The only questionable things with him are his 3pt shot and the fact that he has just come off of an injury. But out of all of the guards he is the best one for the job.

Now if the Bulls don’t like their options they can look to other teams for help. The bulls have decent young talent and could possibly put together a trade for a point guard. Brandon Knight on the Phoenix Suns has been on the trade block ever since Devin Booker proved to be a future all-star. Goran Dragic could also be another option that the Bulls could look at. No matter what they decide to do, they need to do something fast before their chances of making the playoffs becomes zero.


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