As most of our readers likely know, the College Football Championship game is tonight, and many top prospects will be playing in this game. Among those top prospects hoping to be drafted this Spring is Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, former Heisman finalist and a first round hopeful. Despite not playing as well this year as he did last season, Watson is still seen as a top talent in the upcoming NFL draft and one of if not the best at his position. Watson is a dual-threat quarterback who has refined and improved his passing game from the pocket and under center in order to improve his draft stock.

As we know the NFL is now an offensively focused league and having a top-notch quarterback goes a long way in determining your teams success. Despite this many teams in the NFL lack a top-notch quarterback and some even lack a mediocre one. Among the teams sorely in need of a franchise/star quarterback is none other than our beloved Chicago Bears. After being injured multiple times and regressing significantly this past season, it appears Jay Cutler is headed out the doors of Halas Hall, something many Bears fans will undoubtedly celebrate. Cutler’s departure however, leaves a gaping hole on the roster, a hole that won’t be fixed by Brian Hoyer or Matt Barkley.

Due to the lack of quality quarterbacks on the free agent market (Kirk Cousins being the only one and there’s no way he leaves Washington) the Bears are going to have to look to the draft for their signal caller of the future, and with the 3rd overall pick, general manager Ryan Pace could very well find one. This brings us back to Watson. Clemson’s star still played well this season despite some turnover issues, and his top-tier ability is still there, as shown in the blowout win over Ohio State in which Watson passed for over 250 yards plus a TD and rushed for 57 more yards and another 2 touchdowns. Of course, one game does not justify being a top-3 pick in the NFL, just ask Cardale Jones. Yet Watson does have the track record of success, having carried Clemson to the Championship game last year, and performing admirably again this year. Watson also has worked on his passing game in order to complement his already solid running abilities, and it’s been evident as viewers could see a concerted effort from Clemson’s staff to have him pass more to showcase the arm, and run less because scouts knew he had that ability already.

Watson has the talent, has the work ethic, and he has shown he can step up when the lights are brightest, and if he can do it one more time against a stout Alabama defense, Ryan Pace will likely be slapping Watson’s name at, or at the very least near, the top of his draft board. The Bears’ front office staff needs to watch this game very closely, because Watson could be a future NFL star and the Bears need one in the worst way.

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