Dear Chicago Bulls,

The Rajon Rondo experiment has failed.


Bulls Fans

Before the beginning of the season, the Chicago Bulls signed Rajon Rondo to a 2 year, $27 Million deal. Luckily, only $3 million of that is guaranteed. 

Rondo started the season as the starting point guard, but quickly fizzled. His shooting has been abysmal averaging a shooting percentage of 30% and even went through a 5 game stretch where he managed a mere 18 points. 

Now, let’s look at what happened a little over a week ago. Fred Hoiberg finally had enough and benched Rondo at half time against the Milwaukee Bucks. Rondo handled it professionally, but what no one expected was that Rondo would be a DNP-CD for the next 5 games. 

Rondo’s positive attitude about the benching went south quick and he wasted no time in demanding a meeting with the front office. Rondo told reporters at that time, that if he was going to be benched he would demand a buyout or trade. Fred Hoiberg went on to say that Rondo was looking slow and that the benching would continue and that it was strictly a “basketball move”. Only this past week did the DNP-CDs stop, due to Jimmy Butler having the flu. 

The problem that this has caused is now Rondo has become a distraction. Michael Carter-Williams has clearly outplayed him, but certain team mates are jumping on Rondo’s side. Taj Gibson told reporters that the team is better with Rondo on the court. Clearly, the statistics do not back that statement up. The Bulls are fighting to stay at .500, and the last thing that the need is a divided team and/or one more player that won’t listen to Coach Fred Hoiberg. 

The Bulls should either buy him out or look for a trade partner. What they can not do, for the team’s sake, is wait too long.

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