We all know about New Year’s resolutions, things that people say they want to change or achieve but mostly never go through with them. The Fire have said they were gonna change for the past years and start being a club they used to be, but where’s the change? Can this season be different, after all it’s a new year, a new season but what makes this season different compared to other season’s? The Fire has the same coaching staff as last year, they have two new arrival’s and new rookies, but if anything Veljko Paunovic might be the coach that will bring the Fire a championship, he’s determined to win and that’s what the Fire need. So what’s the Fire’s New Year Resolutions? To stay far away from the bottom of the table? Hopefully, Chicago Fire have been struggling for the past two seasons to get out from the last place and most people could say that the Fire haven’t been in their best form for the past ten years, what I like to call the Blanco era. Cuauhtemoc Blanco is a Mexican superstar midfielder who joined the Chicago Fire in April 2007, who was the second highest paid player in the league, and who also brought the Chicago Fire to three conference finals. Now, Chicago Fire hasn’t advanced to the finals since 2008, being in 2009 hosting a semi-final vs Real Salt Lake and losing 5-3 on penalties, and missed the playoffs from 2013 to 2016. Now significant fans blame Andrew Hauptman for the reason that Fire haven’t won a major trophy ever since Hauptman purchased the club in 2007, especially now significant fans are disappointed the Fire cannot get out of last place since the past two seasons.

2017 is a new year and the beginning of a new season, and another chance for the Fire to prove to not only their fans, but themselves that they deserve to be a part of the league.     

This league is growing bigger and bigger each year, bringing more fans and teams into MLS, leading with 2017 expansion teams like Atlanta and Minnesota into MLS. Chicago Fire needs to wake up and change the position that the Fire have been in for these past years. Significant amount of people are saying that there should be a relegation zone, and honestly if the Fire keep this up, that possibly may be the only way to actually get their attention that change is needed.

This pre-season the Fire have made huge moves including Nemanja Nikolic and Juninho, these two new arrivals that are crucial to the club. Chicago Fire struggled to score goals last season, but with the new addition of Nemanja Nikolic this will be great help for the team because with David Accam and Michael De leeuw this will be a dangerous trio on the pitch. But what are the Fire missing? A midfielder. The key to this lineup, someone strong, someone fast, someone with great charisma  and a creative playmaker that can create those perfect opportunities. Juninho is a good move for the Fire, but he might not be the one because it’s likely that the Fire might bring in a big name midfielder. The Fire need to secure a proven playmaker, that can be guaranteed to guide the team, but this will not be cheap. This will be an expensive move and might even cost the club a massive amount of money, but in the long run it will profit the club’s earnings. With the super draft coming up the Fire will not be quiet, Veljko Paunovic was brave enough to put much of his trust in rookie defenders Brandon Vincent and Jonathan Campbell. Also, with the super draft approaching Paunovic may select a midfielder and use him during the season. If Paunovic does not pick up a midfielder, this is unlikely because there are rumors of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Andres Guardado linked to Chicago Fire as well as many of other big names being linked to the MLS. Fire needs to go all out because at this point it’s either go big or go home.


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