Is Doug McDermott a future all-star? During his years in college he was one of the best players in the nation. He was the nation’s leading scoring his last year, averaging 26.7 points. He achieved many great things such as ranking 5th on the NCAA Division 1 scoring list. As well as being named to the AP All-American team 3 times. But what about now?

This season has been a tough one for McDermott. He has suffered with injuries that have left him out of games for weeks at a time. He also has been inconsistent. Sometimes ending games with 15-17 points, while ending others with 5-9. His biggest skill is his 3 point shooting, but so far this season he is only shooting 34%. So what is the problem? How could someone with so much potential not show up every game? The answer is once again consistency, but not on the part of McDermott.

Fred Hoiberg has to show some consistency as well. When given the proper minutes, McDermott has proven to show up. Starting against the Grizzlies this season he scored a career high 31 points. But if he isn’t given the chances to play how will he ever be able to grow into an all-star? The signing of Wade forced Jimmy Butler to start at small forward. Now Wade being an older player might be able to be talked into coming off the bench. If Doug McDermott starts he’ll be able to grow and really take his game to the next level. His ability to shoot and stretch the floor is something the Bulls could desperately use. But he has to be given the chance. The Bulls cannot allow his potential to go to waste. They need a young scorer to help Jimmy carry this team. With players like Bobby Portis not playing well, all the attention should go to McDermott. His progression is key the future of the Chicago Bulls and could help them not have to fully rebuild and consistently miss the playoffs like the 76ers or the Suns.

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