Another week, another raft of rumours about where the next Bears Quarterback will come from and interest in Deshaun Watson has risen due to his performance in National Championship but could the solution already be in the NFL?

Tyrod Taylor seemingly has no future in Buffalo after being benched to end the season and had to watch EJ Manuel lead the Bills. When asked about the decision, Interim Head Coach Anthony Lynn described it as a ‘business decision’.

Now it is uncertain what value the Bills would require for any trade for Taylor and I am not saying he is the perfect quarterback choice but he is more than capable of leading a team with not just his passing ability but also his mobility. Another reason the Bears may look to Taylor rather than someone like Jimmy Garoppolo is the Bears would have to give up less for Taylor and would be a safer option with good mobility and won’t turn over the ball a great deal. He could act as a great bridge whilst the Bears develop a young quarterback and Pace could feel he would not need to rush into drafting a Qb especially in 2017 when the draft class is not expected to be particularly strong at that position.

A combination of Taylor and a young quarterback could be a good relationship. Having a steady mid-level QB in place would take the pressure off the rookie and enable the organisation to develop a talent for future without the threat of being thrown into a franchise in meltdown at the QB position. I genuinely believe with an exciting and talented defence, the emergence of Jordan Howard with talent in receiving positions, a Quarterback of Taylors ability could help put Bears in contention to compete for a play-off place rather than competing for the 1st overall pick.

I enjoy watching Tyrod Taylor as he not only has a huge arm but he is a reactionary player. He constantly plays on the move and you wouldn’t describe him as a true pocket passer. He is an athletic player and can be used dangerously in the run option. I believe he could be the perfect bridge quarterback and I also think the Bears would be foolish to not seriously consider Tyrod as he is a proven mid-level starter and the Bears could take advantage of the uncertainty in the Buffalo franchise with changes as head coach and the GM Doug Whaley seemingly determination to move away from Taylor and continue to back his draft pick EJ Manuel.

Tyrod Taylor might not be everyone’s selection and he may not be the perfect Quarterback but he can lead a franchise through a transitional period. The other options could be to draft a Quarterback but it is being viewed as not a strong draft class at that position and the Bears may be wary to use their first pick on DeShaun Watson. The other alternative would be to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, this may seem a more attractive option but the Bears would need to give more up for him and he has yet to prove himself across a whole season.

What do you guys think, could Taylor successfully lead the Bears?


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