Will King David ever come to an end?

David Accam is hands down probably the best player in Chicago Fire and one of the best players in the league. He’s also so underrated, Even though he is the best forward the Fire have you never know what can happen. Money talks nowadays, especially today we’ve seen significant players go for a crazy amount of money that no other league would pay for. For you guys wondering what league is it’s the Chinese super league. With the Chinese league spending money like if it literally grows on trees is in great competition with the MLS, purchasing big name players near retirement for a crazy amount of cash. Remember how the highest paid player in the world used to be Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi? Well not anymore, at the age of 32 Carlos Tevez former Manchester City, Manchester United star recently left Boca Juniors for Chinese super league club Shanghai Shenhua for a whopping $762,000 amount in just one week, making nearly 80 million in one year and that’s excluding sponsors making more than Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo $379,782 a week and Barcelona star Lionel Messi earning $366,368. Tevez is earning double the amount of Ronaldo and Messi.

China is trying to bring big name players and managers to their league to help their league grow. MLS is trying to do the same thing, so what does that mean for soccer in the United States? Major League Soccer is going to be competing with the Chinese Super League, but how is it even a competition when china are spending money like crazy, and Tevez isn’t the only player going over there. Former Brazilian striker Hulk signed to Shanghai sipg for $57 million followed by former Chelsea midfielder Oscar recently moved to club shanghai sipg for $614,200 a week, making more than Ronaldo and Messi! And it’s not over yet an unnamed club from Chinese super league have offered Madrid $315 Million for Cristiano Ronaldo. China is going to make it difficult for the MLS to grow if most players are going to want to spend their last years over there since they pay more.


But now with the recent Chinese super league rule only allowing a maximum of three non-Asian players per game this rule will most likely bring players from the Super league to the MLS. Will this rule actually help the MLS?











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