News came out Sunday that the New England Patriots would be open to trading young quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo away for “at least a first round pick.” It’s no secret that the Bears need quarterback help in the worst way, and general manager Ryan Pace will have to look hard at that shiny number three overall pick in the upcoming draft with this news coming out. By now everyone knows that Garoppolo is an Illinois kid, born and raised here as well as attending Eastern Illinois University during his college days. Obviously it would be a nice homecoming story and it certainly appears that Garoppolo has the talent to turn the Bears around but the question is, do the Bears have the guts to do what needs to be done to acquire a potential franchise QB?

Rewind to when the Minnesota Vikings traded for Sam Bradford. That cost the Vikings a first and fourth round pick in the subsequent draft. There are a couple of key differences between the Bears and Vikings respective situations though. First of all Minnesota was in a much different place than where the Bears currently find themselves. Minnesota had contention aspirations, and were desperate for a quarterback that could just make simple throws while the defense carried the team. That didn’t work out in the end, but  at the time the Vikings knew where they were and what they needed along with a hint of panic which helped their GM make the deal. The difference here is that the Bears are in the midst of a full-blown rebuild, and don’t expect to contend for at least two more seasons. Secondly there is the difference in the first round slot. The Vikings were slotted at #14, and the Bears are going to be sitting at #3 in April. This is where things get tricky for Ryan Pace. A team can likely find a franchise-changing/superstar player that high in the draft, whereas a slot like 14 is far more middle of the pack and thus easier to part with.

The front office must determine if they are willing to let a talent like Jonathan Allen or Malik Hooker go in order to acquire a quarterback with less than 100 career pass attempts. If the answer is yes, then they have every opportunity to make a homecoming happen for Jimmy G and potentially shorten the rebuild process exponentially.

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  1. Brandon

    February 3, 2017 at 3:54 AM

    Absolutely! Cleveland, Texas, and so many other teams willing to trade for him so Bears need to part with #1 pick. You can’t make playoffs without a QB. Make the trade bears!

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