With a 22-23 record you can say this season has been a disappointment. At risk of missing the playoffs once again, the Bulls have got to ask themselves, is it time to rebuild? They need to make some moves fast. With the trade deadline approaching, now is the perfect time. The Bulls have plenty of pieces that they can move. Taj Gibson is due to be a free agent at the end of this season. At 31 years old, resigning him to a big contract wouldn’t be a good idea. However moving him to a team like the Raptors or the Suns could result in getting some young talent. There is no telling when his athleticism will start to go, so now is the perfect time to move him.

Nikola Mirotic is in a similar situation. However unlike Taj, this soon to be free agent isn’t having a good year. A power forward that can shoot is something a lot of teams could benefit from. We have seen him show some signs of being a scorer. This may keep the Bulls from actually moving him. If so, they can trade Bobby Portis who isn’t having a good season either. He too can stretch the floor and is still pretty young being only 21. A lot of teams would benefit from having young, shooting forwards. This would allow the Bulls to give Doug McDermott more minutes to allow his growth to take off. Him and Denzel Valentine are good young pieces that shouldn’t be moved unless for a very high pick, or very talented player.

Someone who should be moved and quickly is Rondo. With all the tension between him and the organization it can’t be having good effects on the locker room. He is also taking a lot of minutes away from our young guards which will hinder their growth. The Bulls have made the mistake of not allowing their young guys to play far too often. The Cavaliers have expressed interest in Rondo as a backup for them. We could use this to get young talent like DeAndre Liggins, Kay Felder, and Jordan McRae.

If the Bulls want to go though a full rebuild, trading Jimmy Butler must be considered as well. Draft picks and young talent would be easy to get by dealing Jimmy. The Timberwolves and Celtics are known to be willing to trade for Butler. Players like Kris Dunn and Zach LeVine or Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart as well as a draft pick or two would do wonders for the Bulls. This current roster isn’t suited for Jimmy. The Bulls have got to think about moving him while he is at his peak in order to receive great pieces. But it has to be done soon, before the Bulls turn into the new Kings and miss the playoffs year after year.



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