If anyone thought that Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, and the New York Knicks had drama, they haven’t been paying attention to the Chicago Bulls. 

The Chicago Bulls have completely lost it and the organization is in complete disarray. This goes all the way from the front office down to the backup center. Tonight, we’re going to look at some of the problems. 

Dwyane Wade & Jimmy Butler 

I’m going to group these two together because last night they opened the flood gates of drama on to this team. Last night, following a complete meltdown against the Atlanta Hawks, both Wade and Butler went after the team. Wade said that the team doesn’t have any passion to win, that he’s pissed off at the players who don’t have any hustle, and that he is sick of losing. He also stated that the team has no drive. Butler followed that up by saying that if the team is f*****g coming here to win, then there’s something wrong. He added that he wants to play with people that want to win, and win now not later. After that, he said that game winning shots should only go through him or Wade. Let me respond to these comments by saying that I don’t disagree with their frustrations and that I can understand them calling out certain players. What I can’t accept is that the comments they made should have been made at practice and/or behind closed doors. You don’t blast your players and team to the media. Also, if Dwyane Wade is going to question the hustle of players, he should probably take a look at his “defense” during the Hawks 3 pointers come back. Oh, and hey Jimmy….. There’s more than 2 players on the team to take that shot, so if you don’t trust them, then don’t hand them the opportunity to take that shot. 

Rajon Rondo 

I could sit here and talk about the complete failure that Rajon Rondo has been this season, but why waste the time. Everyone knows. Besides, this article is about the drama. Rondo took exception to the statements by Wade and Butler last night, and he took to his Instagram page to let people know. He posted a picture of him as a member of the Boston Celtics standing with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and spoke about how the veterans on that Celtics team handled things. He also blasted Wade and Butler finishing up his post by saying “If anything is questionable, it’s the leadership.” Wade and Butler can make their comments, but they’d sure better be ready for other vets to tell them where to stick it. The drama continues….

Fred Hoiberg 

How much more frustrated can Fred Hoiberg be? He was literally shaking during his post-game press conference last night. There was one point in the game where he told Jimmy Butler to take a time out. Butler looked at him with a disgusted look on his face and ignored him. Wade and Butler definitely do not respect Hoiberg as the coach as they made comments about the nonconsistent lineups and substitutions. I’ll be the first to say that Hoiberg is in way over his head, but if he doesn’t have the respect of his players, what can he do? The inmates are clearly running the asylum in Chicago….


These two gentleman have completely lost control of this team. The drama hs finally come to heads in Chicago, and in typical fashion, they have said or done nothing. These two have done everything possible to destroy this team, or so it seems. The drama starts at the top and they’re absolutely to blame for almost all of this.

This team is headed for destruction, if it’s not already there, and if things don’t change, and change fast, this is only going to get worse before it gets better.

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