As if the Bears didn’t have enough problems to deal with already. News came out that in response to a potential bill being passed in Illinois the NFL Players Association would tell prospective free agents to stay away from Chicago. The bill, if passed, would end worker’s compensation benefits for any professional athletes once they turn 35 years old, as opposed to 67 years old which is the age that worker’s comp currently ends.

The NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith, went on local Chicago radio station 670 The Score and had the following to say,

“I will tell you from the bottom of my heart that this union will tell every potential free agent player, if this bill passes, to not come to the Bears,” Smith said. “Because, think about it, if you’re a free agent player and you have an opportunity to go play somewhere else where you can get lifetime medical for the injury you’re going to have, isn’t a smarter financial decision to go to a team where a bill like this hasn’t passed?”

I’d like to take this moment and re-iterate: As if the Bears don’t have enough problems. In the middle of a rebuild, the quarterback position (and most of the rest of the roster) in flux, and the possible departure of a star receiver and now the NFLPA saying they’ll consciously steer free agents away from Chicago. Great. Just what this franchise needs.

Just to add on too, the McCaskey’s are publicly backing this bill which surely will go over real well with the players currently on the roster and will lead to more comments like this which also came from Smith,

“The Bears’ owners are behind it as well, to be blunt, it’s just another way to bankroll the coffers of the rich owners who own these teams at the expense of the players who actually do all the work,” he said.

The McCaskey’s, being the clams they usually are, have said nothing and the only peep from the Bears has been some washed line about how they are aware of the bill and stand with all other teams in monitoring the situation.

I swear this team falls further and further towards the Browns level of incompetence each week.

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