After the New England Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to win Super Bowl 51, the rest of the sports world looked in awe and praised Tom Brady and the franchise for their fifth championship title in seven Super Bowl appearances. To everyone’s knowledge, the Patriots have become the model franchise when it comes to any sport, knowing how much success they’ve had in recent years.

However, for the Chicago Blackhawks, one player took Brady’s fifth win and compared it to the Hawks three Stanley Cup titles in five years.

According to Mark Lazerus via Twitter, Patrick Kane took the Patriots victory to heart, and it’s sparked a compelling feeling towards his success with the Blackhawks.

As everyone knows, the Blackhawks are arguably the model franchise in hockey, having won three times in the salary cap era, which is seemingly impossible due to many salary cap restrictions and hardships. But, it’s compelling to hear such a successful athlete in today’s sports look at Tom Brady and want so much more for himself, his team, and his city.

Currently, the Blackhawks are pretty comfortable where they sit in the NHL right now, with a 32-17-5 record for second place in the central division with 69 total points. They have a great chance this year to compete for their fourth Stanley Cup title in seven years, but they still have some holes to fix and new motivations to find.

For the team’s future, there’s no doubt that they’ll be competing for years to come. With a core reaching their thirties, it’s not like the road is close to ending. However, Brady’s recent win could have given the group that extra push to want more success to their team.

For Patrick Kane, the Patriots Super Bowl win certainly ignited a feeling of desire and determination for yet another Championship. It’s up to him to take that desire onto the ice and help lead his team to victory.

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