The 2016 season is finished. The fat lady has sung, and the New England Patriots are once again your Super Bowl champions. However, this means that the speculation for the 2017 season is about to hit full swing. ESPN has posted their annual Way-Too-Early Rankings and the Chicago Bears were placed at 29th.

I would be lying if I told you this didn’t bother me at all. The Bears are not getting the recognition they should. That being said, I understand why ESPN and the rest of America might not think much of the Monsters of the Midway after their so-called “Decade of Decline.” The last few years have had flickers of hope, but we always end up saying the same things. “We just got really unlucky,” or “We just didn’t play up to our potential.”

Even after all the disappointments, however, I still genuinely believe that this year can be our year. As of right now, I can confidently say the Bears have a significant shot to at least go to the NFC Championship. There are gonna be some changes this off-season. There have to be some things done differently. That may be enough for the Bears to realize their potential.

There are a few team adjustments that are inevitable. Whether it’s a different angle from John Fox, or a new head coach altogether, there will be some coaching changes. In addition to that, I think we all know by now that something needs to be done with the quarterback position as soon as possible. These are both big revisions to the team, so they may take some time to get used to. It may take a few days at training camp or a few regular season games, but once the players get acclimated to their situation, I think they will be hard to beat.

I realize that a lot of people will think I am crazy for making this prediction. Maybe I am. Maybe a few months from now you will be thinking, “Wow, that guy was an idiot.” Yet, everyone thought Namath had lost his mind when he guaranteed a victory in Super Bowl III. I know, I know, that’s not exactly the same situation. Though, the basic sentiment behind these statements is the same- expect the unexpected in NFL football.

Nobody is even considering the bears going into 2017. Analysts consistently have them in the bottom 5 of their rankings. They are just one of those teams right now, and I understand why. However, once this football team gets going downhill this season, watch out. You heard it here first. Don’t be surprised if the Chicago bears are playing football games in January (and possibly February) 2018.

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