Patrick Sharp was known to be one of the most beloved Blackhawks in the 2000’s era. During his ten year career with the Hawks, Sharp was able to assist the Hawks to three Stanley Cup championships and scored 230 goals and 293 assists during his tenure. As hard as it was to say goodbye to Sharp in the summer of 2015, it was still nice to see him get a fresh start with the Dallas Stars.

At least, that’s what we thought. Since Sharp’s departure, things haven’t been so graceful for the 6’1 left winger. With the Stars, Sharp has scored 26 goals and 41 assists in 106 games with a plus/-15 rating. Lately, he’s been struggling with injuries, which is something that can scare a 35 year old into retiring early.

But, despite all of the negativity, there are a lot of positives to Sharp’s game. For one, his elite playoff presence can lift a team and add depth to a group who’s looking to make a lengthy playoff run–A.K.A, the Chicago Blackhawks.

If the Hawks were able to receive Patrick Sharp at the trade deadline, the Hawks’ chances of a better playoff run would increase dramatically. Now, Sharp is no Connor McDavid, but he can sure as hell get the job done. Here’s what he can do to help:

Assist Jonathan Toews’ Line Consistency In The Playoffs:

There’s no doubt the Hawks captain has been struggling. His line inconsistency has brought him to fall on a path of destruction that’s been pretty hard to clean up. Toews hasn’t had a consistent lineman since Brandon Saad departed in the summer after the Hawks 2015 Stanley Cup championship.

While Toews has been able to find some help of his own alongside Richard Panik, there’s still some worry when the playoffs come along, especially when you’re going to have to look at rookie left winger Nick Schmaltz to help the team for a lengthy playoff run. If Sharp were to come back and if he played alongside Toews, the first line would be a force to be reckoned with. The team would be more elite, knowing their first and second lines can compete against anyone in the league.

Sharp had 44 goals and 38 assists in 130 playoff appearances with the Hawks, helping them in every area he could. His impact with the team made him into the hockey player he is today.

Now, is it possible for the Stars to sell-out Sharp to the Hawks?–Yes. The Stars are most likely not going to make the playoffs, since they have a 22-24-10 record, setting themselves nine points out of a playoff spot. They seemingly haven’t found rhythm and are looking to be full-blown sellers at the trade deadline.

Obviously, Sharp will be an expensive player to acquire, making it harder for the Hawks. Sharp’s value can be crucial for any team that’s looking for a playoff run, but if Sharp is to come back to Chicago, be ready for a fun ride.

Photo: (Alyssa via: Flickr)

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