This off-season has been pretty busy for the Fire by so far acquiring four players, Nikolic, Juninho, McCarty, and Jorge Bava. With the two new midfielders, Juninho and McCarty, this will be a strong combination because both players have a lot of experience, an experience which is a must need for the Fire. Also, this will be a great help to the new addition Nemanja Nikolic, Nikolic is an amazing forward up top with a deadly shot. And with Dax, Juninho, and Accam we most likely will use him to his best potential. Now a lot of “fans” are still not happy with what the Fire are doing. They were upset in the beginning when they saw no movement and now that we are seeing a lot of change they are even more upset, saying the players aren’t good enough. I believe that this upcoming season can be a great chance for the Fire to redeem themselves and they most likely will. With the team, they built with the arrivals of Nikolic, Juninho, McCarty, and Bava, players which have a lot of experience and potential to change the future of the Fire, a roster that will fight for their spot in the playoffs. The team that Paunovic is building is no doubt a team that’s going to be able to compete. The Roster looks strong on all sides, except left back with rookie Brandon Vincent most likely gonna take charge at this position again, the Fire need someone more experienced, someone, who’s not afraid to fight for the ball. This is a team that will go far this upcoming season because of the amount of talent and experience they have. They have leaders and players that will do anything to help add those three points to the table.

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