We’re about a month away from a new league year in the NFL starting and coming with that are multiple questions surrounding the Bears next quarterback. It seems to be an accepted fact league-wide that Jay Cutler will not be retained by the Bears, which leaves a gaping hole on the roster as the Bears have no quarterback prospects on the roster whatsoever.

That fact of course has led to speculation and reports linking the Bears to any and all quarterbacks, whether it be through the draft, free agency, or trade. Thus, below is a list of all the potential quarterbacks on the market as well as a rank of how interested the Bears should be on a scale of 1-10. Let’s go.

1. Tony Romo

With the emergence of Dak Prescott as a legitimate stud in Dallas, Tony Romo now becomes expendable. But Tony Romo is 36-years-old  and has a long track record of back surgeries, meaning that a team that is contention and ready to win now is the only team he’d likely sign with. The Bears are an up and coming team but they will not be ready to contend in 2017 and possibly not even 2018. Romo would likely not be interested in Chicago. That being said, the Bears likely would pursue the former Pro-Bowler because he does have a history of success and was one of the best QBs in the league. The Bears may think that the defense is ready to take the next step and that they might just need a good leader on offense to make the playoffs.

Interest Level: 6


2. Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady showed us he can still be the best QB in the league at 39-years-old. Jimmy Garoppolo is entering his contract year. Garoppolo has less than 100 pass attempts. Brady has 5 rings. The Patriots know who they have to ride with and as a result Jimmy G has become a hot trade commodity on this offseason’s market. The Bears have been mentioned often in most reports on Garoppolo’s availability and that has Bears fans drooling over the image of the Illinois boy coming home and leading the next great Bears team. They have every right to be, as Garoppolo has looked great when given the opportunity to play and the Bears should absolutely be inquiring on what the potential price would be in a trade. Garoppolo has immense potential and the Bears need to look at what they have on him long and hard.

Interest Level: One Billion and Three 

3. Kirk Cousins

While it appears unlikely that Washington will let Cousins hit the open market if that were to happen it’s apparent what he is capable of. Cousins is supremely talented and has the ability to engineer comebacks and lead impressive drives. While there are some concerns around his precision Cousins clearly is a franchise quarterback and is still young enough (28) to warrant a lengthy contract without much trepidation.

Interest Level: 8

4. AJ McCarron

This one might warrant some head scratches. That’s mostly because people have largely forgotten about former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. Yes McCarron is in the NFL and has been on the Cincinnati Bengals since being drafted by them in the fifth round of the 2014 draft. McCarron started three games for the Bengals last year when Andy Dalton went down with injury. McCarron threw six touchdowns and just two interceptions while also winning two out those three games to secure the Bengals division title. He also had a pretty decent career at Alabama. If the Bears miss out on Garoppolo then they should at least consider McCarron and check in with the Bengals.

Interest Level: 5

5. The First Round QB Trio

The Trio of course refers to DeShaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, and Mitch Trubisky, the three top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft. Trubisky has surged to the top of a lot of team’s boards, and his name has become a hot topic when talking about the top 5 picks in the draft. Despite being a one-year starter at North Carolina Trubisky has still impressed and appears to be locked in to a top 3 pick. If Trubisky slides to them at 3 the Bears would likely be happy to snatch him up. Kizer and Watson are harder to project for different reasons. Kizer because he has all the raw talent and physical attributes but he definitely needs to be mentored for a year before being ready to start. Watson on the other hand has concerns with interceptions and a more slender frame, but his win in the National Championship game did put some of those concerns to rest. The Bears likely would be more likely to take Kizer at 3 than Watson but there is interest there in both for sure.

Trubisky: 7
Kizer: 7
Watson: 5.5

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