The trade deadline is a couple of days away and the Bulls are in a tight spot. The team hasn’t been performing well this season. They are projected to receive the 17th pick in the draft as of right now. Picks that high have very little trade value. After the DeMarcus Cousins trade, it doesn’t look like they will be getting the Kings pick either. So not much to look forward to on draft night. The lack of wins and season full of media drama might push away potential free agents as well. So what are the Bulls to do? What if they traded Jimmy Butler? He’s no stranger to the rumor mill, and all-star week was no different. The Celtics are very focused on obtaining him and have a lot to offer. The Brooklyn Nets draft pick might go top 3, and they have a roster full of young talent and potential. So why continue to waste Butler’s prime years and make no progress towards a championship. Its clear that the Bulls are no where near competing with the Cavs or Warriors. By the time Lebron and Curry are out of their prime, players like Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and Joel Embiid will be entering their’s. So why not stock up on young talent and prepare to have to face those teams in the future. Now would be the perfect time to make the move. This upcoming draft has a lot of talent that the Bulls could use. Players like Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz, who would never fall as low as 17th in the draft. Why risk losing that chance by keeping Jimmy and surrounding him with an aging Rondo and Wade? The Bulls need to look towards the future and decide whats best for the team. They can’t wait like they did with Rose and risk Jimmy getting hurt or exiting his prime. The time is now and the move is to trade Butler. The team is full of older players like Taj, and disappointing players like Mirotic and Portis. Its impossible to build a team by trading assests like that. Jimmy is the only player with any real value, and the Boston Celtics are offering the best deal.

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