The Fire’s preseason has been amazing winning 5 games and recently beating Toronto FC 4-1. But, this can basically mean nothing, I mean it’s just the preseason. For the last 2-years, the Fire has been sitting in dead last. We witnessed the Fire do absolutely amazing preseason and at the start of the season do worse. However, now it’s different because with the addition of Nikolic, Juninho, and Dax McCarty our offense has gotten a lot stronger and it’s been noticeable during pre-season. The midfield now is reliable with Arturo Alvarez, Juninho, Dax McCarty, and David Accam because with these players the Fire filled a gap in the midfield that they had for previous seasons. With Juninho and Dax in midfield improves the consistency in passing and defense, with a player like Dax who can play both. We’ve seen the chemistry become a lot better than previous years, the team’s playmaking has been fantastic. With Nikolic and Michael De Leeuw up top, it’s a force to reckon with. We’ve seen in pre-season already how great Michael and Nikolic work together, with both great shooting and passing this will be a deadly combo. The team has improved compared to last two seasons, but will they make it to the playoffs with this current roster is the question. It’s tough to predict the future, especially when it comes to fútbol. Considering the roster and how they are playing right now even though I can’t predict the future, I can assure you that they will definitely not end up in dead last like the last two seasons. This roster sure does look like it’s ready to compete. The Fire sure do look like they will make it to the playoffs and hopefully to receiving the Cup but, only time will tell.


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