In three days from today on March 4th, Chicago Fire will have their first match of the season against Columbus Crew in Columbus Ohio. Now, this will be a very tricky game and would be a great one for the Fire to prove that they changed. The Crew is a great well-built team, especially with their offense of Federico Higuain and Ola Kamara two very talented attackers. Now this will be a tough game. The Fire has worked all pre-season to prove to not only the fans but to themselves that they can return to winning form and not only recreate memories but make new ones. With the amazing off-season, the Fire has had a lot of faith are being put on them. The lineup looks perfect. Honestly, I do not see a problem with the right-back position of Johan Kappelhof, I see more of a weakness at left-back. I think our newly acquired Goalkeeper Jorge Bava will do just fine in goal, and our front six it’s at its best. With little missing spots that can be fixed over time, the Chicago Fire looks ready to complete, this honestly might be their season.

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