Does the Fire have that “It Factor? That Twelfth Man that will drive the players on the field to victory? All you have to do is go to a game and look at the Harlem End and you can see the answer to that is a resounding yes. Section 8 the Fire Supporters stand cheer and Fire up the players and crowd. Could this be the year it all comes together for the fans who have stood by the team through the hard times? There is an old expression “Fair Weather Fan” Those Fans who only support the team when they are winning championships. Then there are those Die Hard fans who will stay with them team no matter what, sometimes take their hopes to the grave. As you look around at a Fire match and you will see fans who have been there from day one.

So a question remains, do these cheering fans lead the team to play harder, to drive to victory? Would the team be able to play hard if the stadium was empty? I am sure there have been studies done on this. Don’t worry I am not going to get all psychology on you. I just know when the players take the field this Saturday Section 8 will be there in full voice. When the chant goes up “Who’s the best” the response “Fire” “Fire” When I hear those words I feel a part of the experience of the match. The Fans traveled to Columbus to support the team. So Just as cubs Fans patiently waited 108 years for the that next championship, Fire fans will cheer, agonize through a long season to see if the Fire can see a return to the promise land of MLS cup. I know it will take everyone the players the coaches and especially the fans if we are to make it there.

We won the MLS Cup in our first year of existence, so why not in our 20th year. Head Coach Veljko Paunovic has said he wants the fans to be there cheering. Let’s find the old passion on the field and in the stands and we could find ourselves in the playoffs again.

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