Mike Glennon is the new quarterback of the Chicago Bears. Signed for $43 million with $19 million guaranteed the 27-year-old is going to be at the helm in Chicago for the next three years.

If you know who Mike Glennon is and what he brings to the table you know that he is not the quarterback to lead the Bears back to the playoffs. The former Buccaneers backup is a quarterback that will get the Bears back to being at least watchable over the next three years. Glennon is also the quarterback that will be on the field while the next quarterback heir sits on the sidelines and refines his game in an effort to be ready to lead the Bears back to the promised land when Glennon is gone.

However, signing Glennon does significantly alter how the Bears are likely to attack the upcoming draft. As we know the Bears hold the third overall pick in a draft short on high end quarterback talent and overflowing with defensive talent. The signing of Glennon just about locks the Bears in on drafting one of the many extremely talented defensive linemen or defensive backs in the first round. Some names that pop to mind immediately are: DE Solomon Thomas, DB Jamal Adams, DB Malik Hooker, DL Jonathan Allen

All four of those guys are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the talent and the Bears will have plenty of options once they are on the clock.

Just because the Bears won’t be taking a quarterback in the first round however doesn’t mean that they will just mail it in the rest of the way. One because we saw how well that worked during the Jay Cutler (who has since been cut) era and two because there is some intriguing late-round talent that will be available past the first round. Outside of Mitchell Trubisky and Deshaun Watson it appears that every other quarterback has some sort of flaw in their game that will need time to be corrected and/or refined and makes them more of a developmental prospect.

Ideally the Bears could use their extra fourth round pick and trade back up into the first round and snag the electrifying athlete from Texas Tech Patrick Mahomes. Despite coming from an air-raid offense and needing major work with his mechanics and reads it appears that Mahomes will go at some point in the first round based solely on his pure athleticism and physical gifts.

If the Bears can’t get back up into the first and take Mahomes or he doesn’t slip to the second round who else is there?

1. Next up would probably be Nathan Peterman from Pitt. Peterman is about average physically coming in at 6’2″ 226 but he comes from a pro-style offense at Pitt and has shown good accuracy and anticipation as well as the ability to reset in the pocket. He does need some work with mechanics but if he were drafted by the Bears a year or two behind Glennon could fix that in no time.

2. Davis Webb, Cal

The heir to Jared Goff at Cal Webb threw for over 4,000 yards and almost 40 touchdowns in 2016, starting all 12 games for the Golden Bears. Webb has size (6’5″ 226) but also needs more work than someone like Peterman. He’s scouted as a system quarterback who seems like his throws are predetermined, doesn’t manipulate defenses has poor anticipation and doesn’t like to sling it deep on the sideline. Webb has the physical traits you want in a quarterback but clearly is someone who needs a bit more work than others which would make him a good fit behind someone fundamentally sound like Glennon where he could learn and clean up his bad habits.

3. Brad Kaaya, Miami

Once seen as a first-round talent Kaaya’s failure to show growth in arm strength has caused him to slide. Like other developmental prospects Kaaya too struggles with his mechanics at times and can become rigid. However he does come from a pro-style offense and shows the makeup teams want. He would probably be one of the highest floor quarterbacks the Bears can get if they opted to go that route.

Each of those quarterbacks has considerable upside despite their flaws and each could become great starters. Look what happened with Derek Carr, Russel Wilson and of course Dak Prescott all who were guys drafted after the first round. Glennon is a Brian Hoyer type who is fundamentally sound and doesn’t wow you but can win 7 or 8 games and if the Bears are developing a young guy behind him that’s perfectly fine.

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