Chicago Fire announced on Tuesday, March 7th that the 28-year-old Dutch midfielder John Goossens is going to be out 5 to 6 month following an ankle surgery. Goossens played in the Fire’s first game of the season this past Saturday. Goossens took Juninho’s spot who ended up being suspended a week before debut. This is a big loss for the Fire, Chicago Fire had dealt a huge blow with losing Juninho in last Saturday’s match debut and now John Goossens. Even though having Juninho back in the line-up is good for the team, losing Goossens due to his injury leaves a huge dent in the team. Although Goossens will be benched now, he is still an amazing player to have in the midfield because he contributes a great amount to the team. He had some great chances against Columbus but sadly couldn’t score any goals against them. He would be a great super sub to have considering he is now benched. This is evident by his previous plays and his technique. He has a great shot and is key to creating perfect opportunities to score. This is a tough blow on the Fire, but the Fire need to get ready not physically but, mentally for Saturday’s game against Real Salt Lake, which will be the Fire’s first home game of the season. Much of the stress will be put on the Fire to get that home win and add 3 points to the table, to complete 4 points and compete for 1st place in the eastern conference.

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