The World Baseball Classic (“WBC”) is in full swing as the second round of action just recently started. I wrote in early February about the many White Sox players that were representing their countries in the WBC so let’s check in and see how they did.

For Team U.S.A., Nate Jones and David Robertson both pitched in the first round given the extra innings Team U.S.A. had to play against Colombia (more on that later). Nate Jones has pitched 1.2 innings without giving up a run, although he did get himself in a bind with two walks and only one strikeout. David Robertson came in against team Dominican Republic in a game the D.R. eventually came back to win scoring 7 straight runs. In Robertson’s 1 inning of work he gave up one hit and struck out one batter. Expect both players to get more innings under their belt if Team U.S.A. continues to advance as Manager Jim Leyland will try to save the arms of his entire roster before the MLB season starts.

Miguel Gonzalez pitched 4 rough innings in his WBC debut for Team Mexico against Team Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico does not have a weak spot in their lineup with the likes of Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correia, and Carlos Beltran all doing damage against Gonzalez. All in all Gonzalez gave up 4 runs, 4 hits, 3 walks, and struck out 3 batters. Obviously not the production White Sox fans hope to see from Gonzalez when the MLB season starts, but he will not be facing as All-Star caliber lineup every outing. Team Mexico was eliminated after the first round

Jose Quintana, the White Sox ace, had the best results of any Sox player and is quickly putting to rest any “underrated” labels he has received in recent years. Quintana started for Team Colombia in their first game against Team U.S.A. and he threw 5 no-hit innings before being pulled after a Brandon Crawford hit in the 6th. Crawford would eventually score, giving Quintana 1 earned run in his debut. Team Colombia was still winning when Quintana was pulled but he would eventually get a No-Decision as Team U.S.A. rallied and won the game in extra innings. Sox fans know all too well how many No-Decisions Quintana gets but as I was watching the game I saw a higher level of disappointment than usual from Quintana. It was clear how much the WBC and playing for his country meant to him. Quintana is back at the spring training camp now as Team Colombia was eliminated after the first round.

The last Sox players pitch for Team Israel. Alex Katz and Brad Goldberg have been regularly relied on by the manager of Team Israel and Israel swept their first round of competition to the surprise of many. (Goldberg joined Team Israel later in the winter which is why he was not mentioned in the previous article.) Katz has pitched 3 full innings and has given up no runs and only 2 hits. Goldberg has only seen .2 innings of play but gave up no runs and only 1 hit and 1 walk. Team Israel is currently 1-1 in the second round of play as they beat Team Cuba and lost to Team Japan.

I urge fans across the country to pay attention to the WBC as the games have been exciting to say the least. 4 White Sox players are still pitching and you can root for club and country weeks before the regular season even begins. It’s a win-win.

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