Early Tuesday Morning March 21st, it was announced that German midfielder and world cup champion Bastian Schweinsteiger is set to join the Chicago Fire. The Fire signed Bastian on a 1-year contract for $4.5 million deal with an option for the future to add extra years to his contract. The contract changed from earlier this year when I mentioned in my first article, “Schweinsteiger In or Out?”, that Bastian Schweinsteiger would be joining the Fire. The first offer the Fire gave was a 3-year contract for $16.5 million. This is a great addition to the Fire because the experience Bastian Schweinsteiger has would make him a great mentor to the young players on the team. In the midfield paired with Juninho and Dax McCarty will be the best midfield the Fire has ever seen and the best in MLS currently. The style Schweinsteiger will bring to the mix is unbelievable. He’s a champion, from being a legend in Bayern Munich to winning the 2014 world cup.
In addition, if you remember the first article I wrote, “Schweinsteiger In or Out ?”, where I stated some pro’s and con’s about Schweinsteiger. Now a big pro that’s going to be noticeable is an increase in the quantity of fans. Many people that watched Bastian play in Bayern Munich and Manchester United will want to see how he does in the Fire. Therefore, more fans will attend the games to see him in person. Also, he will bring experience to the team, experience from a higher level than Dax and Juninho can provide. He will be a great leader on and off the pitch and a great mentor to the younger players. But, what are the cons? Now these aren’t legitimate cons because, from a world class player like Schweinsteiger, you would expect to see great competition. However, the team we have now would need to switch up a bit to make him fit. Having Juninho, McCarty and Bastian in the midfield will be an amazing trio. I believe acquiring Bastian was a good call, not just business wise but, for the team as well. Another arguable con is the Fire could use better players in other positions since the right back and right midfield position are not as strong with the current players. The Fire still needs a right back player which Michael Harrington currently has not been playing well in and right midfield. Now this is arguable, As a fan I can say that Arturo Alvarez is a good player. He has some great matches as well as some decent ones. Although, right now with the team Chicago Fire has with McCarty, Juninho, Bastian, and Accam in the midfield. Also, Nikolic and Michael de Leeuw in the attack, we need a right midfielder to be consistent and can play along with and keep up the pace with not only our attack but, midfield. Bastian will be making $4.5 million in just one year, that’s a large amount of money, money that could have been used to acquire a player for the right back. Many fans are worried of how this will play through and how the midfield will change. Truth is I as fans don’t know how good the arrival of Bastian Schweinsteiger will be until Bastian receives his visa and plays his first match for the men in red.

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