When it comes to the Fire they have a great team, but when it comes to matches they don’t play as fans would expect. Bastian Schweinsteiger stunned MLS fans and everyone who doubted him on his debut. He played absolutely amazing and did more than was expected, he played his heart out but you can’t say the same about everyone else. Every home game should be a win, easy three points, but the Fire struggles to do so even with the new edition of Bastian Schweinsteiger. The team Saturday against Montreal Impact did not have good chemistry with a couple of wrong passes and shots that should have been an easy goal. With Montreal Impact missing three or four of their natural starters the Fire should have never gone down 2-1, the equalizer was good but it should have been a win. The three in the middle that everyone was excited to see Juninho, Bastian and Dax McCarty didn’t work as well as expected. There was no chemistry between the midfield, now Bastian Schweinsteiger was all over the pitch but Juninho was nowhere to be found, and with the red card he picked up against Montreal Impact he won’t be playing against Columbus Crew. Daniel Johnson will be given a chance in midfield if he recovers from the knock he received during practice. Dax McCarty was all over the pitch but had plenty of miss passes. What the Fire needs to improve the most is their defense, mainly Michael Harrington. As a fan, I liked how Harrington played last season but this season I’ve seen too many mistakes. Michael Harrington makes terrible passes that lead to putting his teammates under pressure and potentially leading to conceding a goal. Defensively you can’t count on him and same goes for attacking. His crosses never lead to anything. Another change I would like to see as a fan is Jorge Bava out and Matt Lampson back in the net. Bava has been letting in goals that could easily be prevented, the tie with Montreal Impact can also easily be blamed on Bava for the two goals conceded being very easy goals that could have and should have been stopped.


Putting all that aside the Fire will be preparing for their next match this Saturday against Columbus Crew. The Crew being ahead of the Fire sitting in the eastern conference with 10 points three wins, one tie and one loss they are the team to beat. The Fire’s first match was against Columbus Crew which ended in a 1-1 draw. The Fire sitting in seventh place with five points having one win, one loss, and two ties, the Fire must win. 

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