There has been a lot of speculation in the recent days that the Bears are looking to trade out of the third overall pick in the upcoming draft. When a team is rebuilding like the Bears are obviously all scenarios must be considered and the thought of how many extra picks Chicago could get is interesting. However, we also must remember that elite talent could be found at number three overall. Names like Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas, Malik Hooker, and Leonard Fournette will all be available at the top of this draft and the Bears should consider carefully before deciding to jump down in the first round.

At this point we’re all very well aware of the Bears need for a young quarterback of the future and the consensus is that unless Mitchell Trubisky falls to three there are no other passers worth taking that high. Quarterback is a very top-heavy position in the upcoming draft so one could see why the Bears would think about trading down, nabbing the extra picks and then selecting someone like DeShaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes in the middle of the first round.

But would that be the right move?

Quarterback is a top-heavy position but so is the entire draft when it comes to elite talent. The Bears signed Mike Glennon to a big contract so why not nab a playmaker like Adams or Thomas at three and select a developmental quarterback in the mid rounds to learn behind Glennon? Looking ahead, next year’s quarterback class is seen as significantly better than the current one, with the crown jewel obviously being USC’s Sam Darnold. In 2018 the Bears will still be at or near the top of the draft and have a legitimate shot at drafting Darnold or one of the other highly-rated quarterbacks.

So if you’re Ryan Pace why not get the defensive playmaker you need this year, take a flier on a quarterback with the extra fourth round pick and look ahead to the 2018 draft for your quarterback? It’s not as if the Bears have playoff hopes in 2017 and need their franchise quarterback immediately. Extra picks are nice but elite talent is nicer.

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