The White Sox offense failed to get themselves a win Friday night against the Cleveland Indians. The inconsistent White Sox have faced offensive struggles throughout the first two and a half weeks of the 2017 season. Friday night was more of the same as Corey Kluber shut down the Sox offense, and Jose Quintana was not good enough to keep the Sox in the game.

The main reason that the White Sox have hovered around the .500 mark so far is the superb pitching. For the most part, the rotation has given the team quality innings, and the relievers have picked it up from there. Chicago’s bullpen currently ranks as the best in the MLB, but games are extremely hard to win when the team’s offense is so lackluster. Besides Avi Garcia and Matt Davidson, nobody in the lineup has stepped up into a significant offensive role. Key regulars such as Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, and Todd Frazier have all had disappointing beginnings to their seasons. Once again, the designated hitter position has been below average. When Matt Davidson is in the lineup, the Sox have faired better offensively. Davidson is second on the team with ten runs batted in thus far, which is impressive because he is not an everyday player in the lineup just yet. I would think that he would become a mainstay in the lineup soon because of the horrid performance that Cody Asche has put on so far. Entering play on Saturday, Asche has a batting average of .063. There is no reason that a player playing that poorly should continue to get regular starts. Jacob May has had an extremely rough start to his career, going 0-26. I understand giving the rookie more leeway than struggling veterans, but it’s almost time to consider giving him more minor league exposure.

Obviously this is a rebuilding season for the White Sox, but it is always a shame to waste such masterful pitching because of the poor offensive performance we have seen from the White Sox to begin the season. The starting lineup has to get going soon to score some runs for one of the best pitching staffs in baseball.

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