With the NFL Draft kicking off this week many eyes are on the Chicago Bears who have a handful of options and what they can do with the third overall pick. There have been rumors of possible trades and even more rumors of if the Bears will reach for a quarterback or take a great defensive talent.

As Bears fans know Mike Glennon signed a three year deal this offseason and is set to be the starter for at least one year. The way Glennon’s contract shakes out could have him out of Chicago as soon as one year in which has many people believing the Bears could go with a quarterback at some point to develop behind Glennon during the 2017 season.

But this quarterback class is seen as overall weaker than the 2018 class. For reference, this year’s top passer is Mitchell Trubisky from North Carolina, and after him the talent drops off considerably with question marks around Deshaun Watson and DeShone Kizer muddying their status as prospects. Meanwhile the top of the quarterback class in 2018 has 3 elite passers as of right now. The crown jewel of these quarterbacks will be USC savior Sam Darnold who led USC to their win streak and eventual Rose Bowl win this year. Even behind Darnold is a depth of quality passers like Josh Rosen from UCLA and Josh Allen from Wyoming.

The Bears aren’t going to magically transform to a contender this season and will likely be near or even at the top of the 2018 draft. Such a position would put them in the perfect spot to take the franchise into the final step of the rebuild and a step toward relevance again.

Given the bigger talents that will likely be available in the 2018 draft the Bears should be content with passing on a quarterback early in 2017. There are too many elite defensive talents available for the Bears to pick at third overall and even a couple to possibly steal in the second round. Obviously Glennon is not going to be the only quarterback on the roster and it’s likely the Bears do take a young passer at some point in the mid rounds but the Bears real next franchise QB is waiting in 2018.

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