The draft is mere hours away and as it goes on every draft day rumors are flying everywhere. At the center of those rumors early Thursday are none other than the Chicago Bears. As Bears fans know, the team has needs all across the roster and has the chance to pick up a significant talent with the third overall pick. Whether that be safety, defensive line, quarterback, or corner back nobody knows.

We sure can speculate though.

With the release of Jay Cutler and the signing of Mike Glennon general manager Ryan Pace is moving Chicago into a new era of football. However, Mike Glennon is a career backup and the thought is that Pace is planning to draft a young quarterback prospect in order to groom him behind Glennon for a year.

Enter DeShaun Watson. Early on this draft day rumors are picking up surrounding the Bears and the former Clemson passer. Watson has jumped up and down draft boards all year, hitting his peak after beating Alabama in the National Championship game.

Watson is seen as one of the top passers and is likely to be available to the Bears at number three, but is seen as needing some work. Watson struggled with interceptions in his last year at Clemson and needs some other mechanical adjustments. This is where the Bears become a good fit for the 21-year-old. With Glennon in place on what is essentially a one year deal, Watson can sit for a year and work on his game while learning the playbook before taking over full time in 2018.

With Glennon leading the team in 2017 the Bears will likely be near the top of the draft again in 2018 and can get a top prospect at another position to pair with Watson and finish off the rebuild come fall 2018.

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