After the Browns selected edge rusher Myles Garrett with the first overall pick the San Francisco Forty Niners were on the clock.

That is, until Ryan Pace traded the third overall pick, two third rounders (one in 2018) and a fourth rounder to move up one pick to second overall.

To select former North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

After the release of Jay Cutler the Bears were clearly moving into a new era and even when Mike Glennon was signed it was clear from how the money worked that the Bears would still be looking for their next face of the franchise in the next two drafts while Glennon kept the spot warm.

Mitchell Trubisky is going to be that next face. A one year starter at North Carolina, Trubisky passed for 3,748 yards and 30 touchdowns leading the team to an 8-5 record.

With the newly signed Mike Glennon in place for 2017 Trubisky is likely to spend the year as the third-string passer while he learns the playbook and builds chemistry with his receivers.

Trubisky has been billed as the top quarterback in the draft since the college season ended and is seen as a future pro-bowler among scouts. Sitting behind Glennon will allow the former Tarheel to work his game and become a polished passer behind a veteran quarterback who helped Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay when he burst into the league.

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