After losing in 6 games to the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, the Bulls roller coaster season has come to a close. We now can look toward next season and see what the top priorities are for the team.

  1. Keep or trade Jimmy.

Jimmy Butler was included in almost every trade rumor stemming from Chicago. It seems Gar Forman, Chicago Bulls general manager, didn’t know if he wanted to build around Butler or trade him and rebuild. Rumors of Butler being moved to the Celtics for the Nets pick and other assets have been swirling around since last season. This pick might very well be the number 1 pick in this upcoming draft. If rebuilding was the way to go, this move would be a good and important one. Trading away Taj Gibson to the Oklahoma City Thunder also seemed to be signs of a rebuild. However, the signing of free agents Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade don’t show signs of rebuilding. Forman seemed to think surrounding Butler with former champions was key in him taking the next step into becoming the franchise player. A decision needs to be made on what they plan to do. They cant let the constant rumors be a distraction to Jimmy for another full season. Or waste half a season deciding and risk not getting a good enough draft pick. The decision may also effect Wade and Rondo’s future on the team as well which effects cap space. If they choose to rebuild, they’ll need as much money as they can make available.

2. Evaluate Young Talent

Chicago has a lot of young guys on the team. However, they need to separate just young players, for the young talent. Denzel Valentine wasn’t given many minutes during the season. Not even in the playoffs when all their other guards weren’t producing well. Why draft a player if you don’t plan on seeing what he’s got? The Bulls have a history of this when you look at Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis when they were first drafted. You delay the growth of the player by keeping him on the bench. Paul Zipser looked good during the playoffs, and seems to have a bright future. Bobby Portis should have an opportunity to start next season over Mirotic. He looked very promising in that first game against the Celtics. Valentine deserves to get a chance to run the point at times, especially because he can space the floor. 3pt shooting was a huge weakness for the Bulls and he might be able to help that. Grant needs to learn how to run an offense and improve defensively before given any more minutes than he already has. Not to mention Payne also deserves a shot at proving he can be good for the team. The Bulls have a lot of young guys. They need to try them out and see who fits and who doesn’t.

3. Keep or fire Hoiberg

Finally, the front office needs to decided if they really trust Fred Hoiberg with the future of this team. Ever since he first got there, rumors of friction between him and the players was in the air. Jimmy Butler even being vocal about some of his complaints about his new head coach. Fans even cheered for him to be fired at games when the Bulls didn’t preform well. The tough, defensive, willpower the Bulls were famous for under Tom Thibodeau has long been forgotten. Rotations weren’t consistent at all this season under Hoiberg. One day Rondo is starting, next day he’s completely out of the rotation. What sense did it make to bring 2 champion players to the team to help Butler succeed, but put everyone under a rookie coach? Hoiberg was even rated the worst NBA coach by ESPN in March. He’s missed the playoffs once, and barley made it in his next year. Does that count as improvement? Chicago needs to figure if he’s the guy, and fast before missing the playoffs becomes a regular this for this team.

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